Jul 8, 2013

My Boys

My Brother came to town from CA and I was able to do a photo shoot of his adorable little boy Asher... and well... I couldn't help but snap of few of my little guys as well.
(Thanks Taisley for letting me borrow your killer backdrop)

summer grilling is in full swing!

So... Darren and I have been trying to increase protein and cut carbs.  As I sat down to my plate I found it funny... and now for whatever reason feel the need to share.  
Look how thick that burger is and thin the bun is.

Animal Lovers

Oh the boys just love going to "Katie and Sam's Zoo".  I have to apologize in advance because a lot of the pictures are terribly (blurry, bright, dark, etc.) but it's what I got :)

Jul 7, 2013

Sometimes they even like each other :)

Damon: Hey Davis, can I have a kiss?
Davis: Hmmmmm

okay :)

Nothing Stops This Kid...

Davis is one tough cookie!  He was sitting on the bar stool and fell off backwards.  He hit his arm on the sofa table behind our couch and was pretty mad about it.  He cried for a bit and then kept on playing so we didn't think much of it.

Well as the days went on we began noticing that he didn't want to change his clothes (which actually wasn't anything new) but instead of a "I'm annoyed at you stop trying to change my clothes" kind of cry... he was letting out an "ouch that hurts stop touching me" kind of cry.

I still wasn't putting two and two together (because he really didn't make that big of deal of the falling off the chair incident).

Well a couple days later he started biting onto the forearm of his shirts to "carry" his arm around... kind of like a little sling.  Then it clicked... I think his arm is broken.

We take him to the Dr. 1.5 weeks after the initial fall off the chair and sure enough his arm is broken in two places.  But like I said in this post title... Nothing stops this kid!  The moment we got back from getting his wrap and sling he was playing football with Damon like nothing had happened.

I will try to post more pictures of the whole ordeal soon.

Jun 29, 2013

Snow Day

Davis is hiding from the snow :)

Happy New Year!!!!

Yep, it's happening!  I am doing a New Year's post in (almost) July.  Let's just say blogging is something I have a hard time getting around to but I don't want to give up. :)

mmm.... gotta load up on good snacks!

 Davis wasn't the biggest fan of the confetti explosion ;)

 These two are such cute buds! They were tickling each other's feet
 breakfast picnic

 All Aboard!